Taylor Swift
September 15, 2016

24 Celebrities Making Money Flipping Houses

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Many of you may not know, but Drake is originally from Canada. He started his career as an actor then became a rapper, and several years ago he entered the house flipping game. Not too shabby for a guy who is just about 30 years old. Drake purchased adjoining condos in Biscayne, Florida back in 2012. Less than a year later he flipped the pair of condos in only 24 hours of homes being listed on the market. It pays to have “star power” when dabbling in the world of house flipping. Drake, later in 2013, sold his Toronto condo for just under $4 million. And we hear he’s building a home in Toronto that will have an indoor Olympic sized pool. So, we’re pretty sure he’ll be selling his “YOLO” estate located in Southern California in the not too distant future.

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