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September 15, 2016

24 Celebrities Making Money Flipping Houses

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Jennie Garth rose to fame on the hit TV series from the 1990’s, “Beverly Hills 90210.” Garth broke up from her husband, Peter Facinelli, and the two sold their home in 2013. The home, located in Toluca Lake, California, sold for just under $4 million. It was a big jump from the original 2003 purchase price of $1.35 million. Most recently Garth could be found on HGTV in her series called, “The Jennie Garth Project.” Garth, single again, purchased a dated 1970’s home in the Hollywood Hills, and her show chronicled how she was going to tear the house down to its studs and then rebuild it into the home of her dreams.
We’re pretty sure that once Garth puts in at least two actual years of living in the home, she’ll flip it for a handsome profit and move on to her next “Jennie Garth Project.”

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