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July 13, 2016

Boston Cab Driver Finds $187,000 in His Cab and Returns It!

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If fate put a backpack in the backseat of a vehicle you were driving that was filled with nearly $200,000 what would you do? A Boston cab driver found himself in this exact position on Saturday, July 2, 2016. The cab driver, 72-year-old Raymond MacCausland, who goes by the nickname, “Buzzy,” picked up a fare that afternoon who asked Buzzy to make a stop and wait, since his errand would only take about five minutes.

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Buzzy waited long after 5 minutes. After approximately 20 to 30 minutes, the man still had not returned. Buzzy went into the building, a motel, to look for his wayward passenger. No one knew anything about the man, so Buzzy decided to leave.

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Later in the day, Buzzy found a green backpack in the backseat of his taxicab. He opened the bag to check for some ID to figure out who left the bag in his cab. Upon opening the backpack he saw three bundles of cash and immediately zipped the bag closed, again.

Buzzy decided to the best course of action was to bring the bag to the hackney division of the Boston Police Department (the hackney unit in Boston handles all matters related to cabs, horse and carriage companies, sightseeing vehicles, etc). Once Buzzy left the station, the police opened the bag to count the cash. It turned out the bag contained $187,000. Talk about honest! This cab driver finds $187,000 in his cab, and brings it to the police station.

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Why did Buzzy return that bag of overflowing cash? He told CNN, “That’s the way I was brought up. I was told to do the right thing,” MacCausland said.

The mystery passenger had been a homeless man. According to CNN, a Boston Police Department (BPD) spokeswoman Rachel McGuire said “the passenger was tracked down and reunited with the money, which turned out to be a recent inheritance. She said police detectives were able to confirm the money was rightfully his.”

“He had proof that it was his, he had the trust agreement, he provided the proof the money was his,” McGuire said. “Thank goodness for the honest cab driver.”

This is not the first time Buzzy was faced with a moral dilemma. He has been a cab driver for nearly 50 years, and 30 years ago he found a briefcase in the back of his cab. It was filled with $10,000, and his actions were the same. He never thought to keep the briefcase, but rather returned the bag to its rightful owner.

The $187,000 was to be returned to its rightful owner this past Tuesday (July 5, 2016). The police asked the owner of the cash if he wanted to reward the cab driver for his honesty? The man decided to give Buzzy a $100 tip for his honesty.

This information got out and upset a few people. Many people felt that Buzzy should have been given a more substantial reward than just $100, so a Gofundme account was started to help Buzzy get recognized for his very generous good deed. As of this writing over $2900, has been raised for Buzzy. His Gofundme page is still active, and donations would be greatly appreciated.

Below is a video telling all the details about the honest Boston cab driver and the discovery of $187,000 in the back of his taxi.

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