August 2, 2016

Cancer-Stricken Teen Marries His Soulmate

Eighteen year old Swift Myers is tough. He’s a teen who battled bone cancer for two years. Week after week is difficult, as anyone who has had a brush with cancer can attest.

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Yet, in spite of all this, this week, he had one of the best days in his whole life: he married his soulmate in one of the most romantic weddings his hospital has ever seen.

The teenager had been battling a bone cancer called Ewing sarcoma for two years. The cancer is signified by a cancerous tumor in bones or soft tissues. This meant that for two years, Swift was in and out of recovery at St. Francis Children’s Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. By his side for the past two years has been his girlfriend, Abbi.

Then, in a whirlwind, Swift – true to his name – made a big choice.

He asked Abbi if she would marry him. Abbi was not sure if he was joking. He told her that he needed to speak to her father to ask permission for her hand. It was then that his 18 year old wife-to-be realized that he was incredibly serious.

“He said, ‘Will you be my wife?,’ and we’ve always joked about so I just kind of laughed,” Abbi told ABC News. “The next day he said, ‘You know I was being serious right?.'”

It also was the moment when the hospital staff thought they had just seen the most romantic moment in their lives.

Continues Abbi, “Some of the nurses were in the room and as soon as they heard the conversation they took off. They did everything.”

The nurses worked together with the whole staff at St. Francis to alert the community so that they could all help these two lovebirds have a great wedding despite the tough circumstances.

It really was a community movement that caught on fire. Much like the house springing to life in “Beauty And The Beast,” everyone played a part in pulling together a day bigger than any teenagers could have done on their own. Hospital nurses got a cake and decorations, even hiring an awed wedding photographer who was all too happy to pitch in.

“It felt like I was hearing a love story straight out of a movie,” said Meagan Ready, the couple’s wedding photographer. “I was humbled to have been asked to document such a special occasion.”

A teacher at the pair’s high school even went so far as to buy rings for the Myers couple.

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100 guests arrived to take part in the festivities. They couldn’t all fit into the tiny hospital room, near where the bedridden groom had put on a red bowtie for the occasion. So the extra guests waited outside on the sidewalk below, watching as the event was live streamed to Facebook so that they could be a part of such a momentous and heartfelt occasion.

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While a lot of the traditional pieces of a wedding ceremony were unfortunately unable to be a part of the day’s festivities, there were adjusted versions to make the day special for the young newlyweds. One such adjustment was the poster board that said “Just Married” signed by guests as a makeshift guest book, which was then hung at the foot of the hospital bed.

There was, however, that cake – and a reception – that happened all in the little room. The bride couldn’t say thank you enough to all who had made it special.

“I’m really grateful for the nurses,” the new Mrs. Myers said. “They are still at work and still went through and did all of this in less than two days for us and that really meant a lot.”

Did it mean a lot to Swift? Naturally. Abbi noticed right away: “Since the wedding he’s been much better and in better spirits.”

It’s the little things that give us hope and strength when times are tough. And when communities get involved, little things can add up to so much more. Congratulations the young couple on their very big day.

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