July 26, 2016

Here Come The Flower Girl Grandmas

A Pennsylvania couple wed with their grandmothers as part of the festivities in a very unusual way: as their flower girls. Yes, this adorable story is true. The reason why: simple, pure love.

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Maggie and Josh decided for their big day to involve those who had played a big part in their lives – their grandmothers.

“I knew I really wanted to involve my grandmother because she’s like my second mother – she helped raise my sister and me throughout our entire lives,” the bride Maggie Wakefield said.

She continued: “I have so many fond memories of my sister and I sleeping over at my grandmother’s house as children making homemade sugar cookies. My grandparents have been a huge support in my life and I learned to really value their opinions and stories.”

Brides make tons of decisions – cakes, flowers, seating arrangements – but for something this unusual, she had to make sure her groom was supportive as well.

“[Josh] was totally on board,” she happily reported. Was it a surprise? Not really, she said thoughtfully: “[Josh’s grandmother] has been a huge influence in Josh’s life. She is one of the most caring, gentle and thoughtful women that I know. Having our grandmothers as the flower girls meant the world to us!”

Everything about this couple is incredibly special and personal – the team of Maggie and Josh decided to have some fun with the ladies of the hour, and they created the perfect way to ask for the matriarch’s participation: by assembling twin flower girl baskets complete with silk rose petals. And of course, how could Maggie’s grandmother Joyce or Josh’s grandmother, Drue, say no to that?

“We were just so happy we couldn’t believe it,” Maggie says. “They mean so much to us.”

When June 11th came around, Joyce and Drue, slipped into their grey lace dresses and happily strew flower petals down the aisle. Though Maggie – obviously – wasn’t able to watch as she was waiting for her turn, the guests loved the sight. Their photographer, Ashley Gillman, described the pair as grateful and joyful, saying: “They seemed to be glowing and honored to be part of the wedding and not just watching it. They were smiling all day.”

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It wasn’t the only unconventional part of the ceremony. When Maggie was walked down the aisle, it wasn’t by her father, but her grandfather, Ronald. Maggie, whose father had passed from colon cancer in 2013, carried a bouquet with her late father’s picture on it.

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It wasn’t the same as having her father there, but Maggie felt like it was a joyous, perfect way to have him be a part of the service.

“I’m sure he was smiling down on us and laughing at his mom throwing flower petals.”

The grandparents – who were not expecting to stay at the reception long – certainly cut a rug on the dance floor after! Perhaps it was their involvement that made them so active.

Maggie says that both sets of grandparents had a great time: “They kept telling me they were having so much fun,” she says. “Josh’s grandparents were dancing as well and Josh got to dance with his grandma, which was the sweetest thing!”

And now, the pictures taken of the pair of flower girls is spreading far and wide, inspiring others of how they, too, could celebrate their big day if they have a similar familial situation. Maggie told PEOPLE: “It’s insane how far these photos have traveled and how they’ve touched so many people and really inspired them to try new things. When planning a wedding you really need to think outside the box!”

It’s a heartfelt sight that no one will soon forget.

Said Gillman: “In almost 10 years as a wedding photographer, I’ve never seen anything like it. I knew I was part of something special – these ladies are awesome women.”

They certainly are.

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