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July 6, 2016

Lost Puppy Found After Harrowing Sea Journey

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What would you do if you took your dog boating and your worst fears came true? It’s a situation none of us would want to find ourselves in.

Clare Shaw of Connecticut knows what she’d do.

She was boating off the coast of Noank when her puppy Ryder, an 8-month old Shiba Inu, jumpedĀ overboard into the Long Island Sound! The dog floated to the ocean, and the devastated family wasn’t sure what to do.

They immediately called for reinforcements. Shaw told Fox News that, “After turning around and back tracking for hours, having the coast guard involved, and everyone on shore looking we weren’t able to find our puppy who we thought didn’t know how to swim.”

Shaw feared the worst. The whole family felt terrible. Shaw recounted: “My family came home and we felt defeated, we packed up his things and lit a candle in his cage and assumed our boy lost his life drowning.”

A vigil, a moment: but an undefeatable hope. Shaw couldn’t bear not giving it one more try. She took to social media, posting about her dog, just to see if anyone had seen him. Why not?

And that’s when something incredible happened.
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Shaw happily announced, “Almost 100 shares later, an equine vet saw my post and a post in a Groton lost and found pet group.” The vet realized that a photo two men – Phil and Patrick – had posted of a rescue dog being fed water by hand on a boat was actually Ryder.

The pair of menĀ had found the bewildered puppy swimming, actually swimming, in the middle of the sound. They pulled his tiny frame into their boat late on the same day he had gotten lost, just doggy paddling away.

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Shaw is grateful for this tiny tyke’s return. It’s the little things – and the little ones we never stop hoping for – that matter.

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