People wade in water near flood damaged homes in Highland Ridge Subdivision in Youngsville, La., Sunday, Aug. 14, 2016. Torrential rains swamped parts of southern Louisiana, causing widespread flooding. (Scott Clause/The Daily Advertiser via AP)
August 23, 2016

Louisiana Flood Victims Tragedies and Community Strength

[gallery_postcount span_class=”gallery_postcount” gallery_style=”double” position=”1″] School Bus Filled with Children in Dire Trouble

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One of the more horrific sights to emerge from this disaster was this school bus filled with children trapped in flood waters. At any moment this bus could have been swept away and the children on board injured or killed.

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[gallery_postcount span_class=”gallery_postcount” gallery_style=”double” position=”2″]Fortunately, the Baton Rouge Sheriff’s department was able to reach the stranded bus full of kids in time and avoided what could have been a tragedy. 20 children were taken off the bus and brought to the safety of dry land.

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