September 28, 2016

Missing Dog From Florida Found Safe Over 1,100 Miles Away in Massachusetts, Returned to Owner

jax_92316_Apollo_dog_1240Apollo, an 11-year-old Pyrenees mix from Jacksonville, went missing after escaping his on Aug. 11. Thanks to the help of friends, strangers, and volunteers, he was found in Massachusetts and returned home to Cynthia Abercrombie, on September 23rd.

It had been over a month since Apollo went missing and Cynthia feared that she may never see her beloved dog again.  Day after day and sign after sign they kept looking for Apollo.  Volunteers and friends looked everywhere and still Apollo was nowhere to be found.

Fear and desperation for the little dog who was loved so much gave into despair and no amount of searching and late night walks through the streets seemed to point to any clues.

Finally, like a miracle from a book or a movie Apollo was found!  Cynthia was overjoyed and couldn’t believe her luck.  But excitement quickly turned to confusion because of where Apollo was found.  He was in Massachusetts, over 1,100 miles away from home.  There was no explanation of why Apollo was there and it is not somewhere he had ever been before.

Cynthia is just happy to have her dog back and thanks all the people who helped bring her best friend back home safely.


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