September 27, 2016

This Cop Pulled Over A Speeding Motorist. But What Happened Next Will Melt Your Heart.

After hearing that his sister was killed in a car accident, Mark Ross said he wanted to be with his mothers side as soon as he could.

With no car and no other way of getting to get to Detroit, he convinced someone he knew to drive.  At 3 a.m Sunday morning in Indiana he jumped in the car and headed out.  Ross posted on Facebook that they were speeding through Ohio when police lights started flashing behind them.

Ross thought he would surely be going to jail for a “petty warrant”. When the officer approached the vehicle, Ross was in the passenger seat and the driver had a suspended license and an outstanding warrant as well. The Trooper J. Davis ended up taking the driver into custody and having the car towed.

Ross was now stranded on the side of the highway and began explaining when Patrol Sergeant David Robinson from the Ohio Highway Patrol Arrived.

I broke down crying and he saw the sincerity in my cry. He REACHES OVER AND BEGAN PRAYING OVER ME AND MY FAMILY. He offered to bring me 100 miles further to Detroit because they towed the vehicle. Everybody knows how much I dislike Cops but I am truly Greatful (sic) for this Guy. He gave me hope

An incredible kind and honest Sergeant Robinson then drove Ross more than 100 miles to Detroit where Ross could meet with his cousin at a coffee shop.

It was an incredible act of kindness from one stranger to another. Something our country can use a little more of. Ross said his family was grateful for Sergeant Robinsons kindness and generosity and that the sergeant even promised to attend the funeral.

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